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Department of Mathematics


"Mathematics takes us into the region of absolute necessity, to which not only the actual word, but every possible word, must conform."   Bertrand Russell

 Vision and Mission

      The Department has set its direction and vision for academic growth and excellence of students as follows;

 •        Members of department will serve as role models through their ethical behavior.

•        Department will act for student centered excellence.

•        Department ensures the organizational sustainability.

•        Department plans to anticipate many factors such as Students’ expectation, IPP education, partnering opportunities and hiring needs etc.

•        The Department will offer a variety of high quality techniques to meet the mathematical needs of students of all levels and in all majors. 

•        The Department will provide support and resources to help ensure the success of all students.

 "Mathematical proofs, like diamonds, are hard and clear, and will be touched with nothing but strict reasoning." John Locke

 Educational Programs and Services

Department of Mathematics gives efficient service to many streams of the college not only for Mathematics but also for Statistics. There are nine faculty members including full time as well as part time. In order to run classes smoothly and efficiently, the department has a strong team of experienced teachers working for years. The members of Department of Mathematics in our college takes all the responsibilities of  Mathematics classes ranging widely from plus two to B.Sc. Physics, B.Sc. CSIT, BIM, B.Sc.+ M.Sc. Microbiology, and extra Mathematics for Biology students. Our department is located at the room number 219 of Administrative block of the college.

The Programs are as follows;

  1. Plus two:
  • Class 11 Basic Mathematics
  • Class 12 Basic Mathematics
  •  First Semester Paper 1 (Calculus and Analytical Geometry)
  •  Second Semester Paper 2 (Linear Algebra and its Application)
  1. BIM:
  •  First Semester Paper 1 (Basic Mathematics)
  •  Second Semester Paper 2 (Discrete Mathematics and its Application)

"Mathematics is the science of what is clear by itself." Carl Jacobi

Future Plans


Our department records excellent results with the students obtained ranking at plus 2 HSEB as well as in TU exam. Our students who wish to pursue higher education in mathematics are able to do so with renowned institutions nationally and internationally.

The students will be made confident in their ability to choose any career they want.

Motivate the students in research. This will help the students to achieve the goal in applied mathematics. For this, we are eager to establish  aMathematics laboratory. Ultimately, our department hopes the students graduated from St. Xavier’s College will remain a boon for the nation.

"Life is good for only two things, discovering mathematics and teaching mathematics." Simeon Poisson


Spot Analysis (Process)

Some tools that could help the development of the department are:

  • Analysis of quantitative data:

            The number of students present in the class gives the idea to organize our daily classes.

  • Questionnaires:

           What type of question are in the book ?

          What type of questions do we prepare for the specified topic?

          What type of questions do the students ask?

           This plays vital role to make our classes more effective.

  • Individual interviews:

            If we are able to find the individual skills of the students, it will help us to provide more effort in the classes.

  • Group interviews:

           The individual analysis may not work in some cases so we have to create such moments in which we can find the actual scenario of the whole class.

  • Student work:

        There is variation among the students. It is very important to know how the students involve in the class.

  • Observation:

       We must contribute enough time to observe the students’ work so that there will be actual evaluation.

  • Spot checks:

       This is very important point for the mathematics students because each

        of the students must solve the questions from their individual effort.

        They should not copy from their friends. If we check on the spot, it will

        increase the ability of the students in the respective subjects.

"God does not care about our mathematical difficulties. He integrates empirically." Albert Einstein

College Opening Time:

09:30 - 04:30
09:30 - 04:30
09:30 - 04:30
09:30 - 04:30
09:30 - 04:30
09:30 - 12:40

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