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 After the completion of grades 9 and 10, CDC will then revise the curriculum of grades 11 and 12 this academic year. In this context,   the Department of Chemistry, St. Xavier's College arranged a fruitful discussion among experts/teachers/CDC authorities involved in this field. The main aim of the discussion was to give general feedback on the   new chemistry curriculum.

Date: 11th Nov. 2017 Saturday

Veue: Loyala conference room SXC

Time: 11: 00 A.M


  • General  overview of the upcoming  curriculum by  the curriculum officer from  the CDC
  • division of the participants into 5/6 groups
  • discussion on the present  curriculum
  • dissucssion on the revised curriculum of grades 9/10
  • discussion  on  the core- connection between  lower and higher level chemistry
  • 5- minute presentation   by the group representative
  • feedback about the  concepts /topics /chapters


Mr.Yubaraj Adhikari CDC Bhaktapur 


Dr. Madhav raj Baral

Mr. Kanchan Sharma ASCOL/Trinity

Mr. Mr. Shiva K.C. NIST

 Mr. Uday Dahal  St. Mary's

 Mr.Umesh K.C. St. Mary's

Mr. Prem Poudel BernHardt

Mr. Deepak Raj Upadhaya  CCRC

Dr. Bhanu Bhakta Neupane Uniglobe

Dr. Mahendra Thapa Uniglobe

Mr. Surya Prakash Bhattarai St. Xavier's Jawalakhel

 Mr. Binod Kr.Dulal Nobel Academy

Mr. Sukdev Acharya Ambition Academy

Mr. Birendra Thapa Pulchok Engineering Campus

Mr. Avimanyu Chaulagain  Omega College

Ashok Dangol White House International College

RamHari Mishra Grammar

SXC Chemistry Lecturers


Following suggestions were given to the Curriculum authority 

General suggestions

v   the chemistry curriculum of grade nine and ten is to be linked with lower grades so  the concerned experts can interact with those  members ,involved in earliar preparation

v   some of the chapters of secondary level chemistry are  to be rearranged so that  it is easier to meet the  national objectives

v   some of the topics from the modern trends of chemistry  like nanochemistry, bio chemistry ,food chemistry ,green chemistry  are to be included in the upcoming curriculum

v   there could be some changes in the question grid i.e  students should attempt all questions from each topics with all area of understanding

v   the curriculum should give the proper concern about the currently available resourses and their maximum use

Topic Wise Suggestions

  • for the industrial chemistry only the basic principle is enough than the procedure (eg. ammonia ,sulfuric acid ,nitric acid)
  • the impoprtant principles and reactions of metallury and their applications could be inseted in some other related topics
  • the periodic table should focus on periodic trend of each group in depth
  • questions from the  topics like biomolecules and service in the mankind is to be made compulsory

                                             Prepared by

                                             Khem Raj Bhatta ,Department Of Chemistry

College Opening Time:

09:30 - 04:30
09:30 - 04:30
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09:30 - 04:30
09:30 - 04:30
09:30 - 12:40

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