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Department of Chemistry

Chemistry is critical to understand the world around us; a distinguishing feature of chemistry as a discipline is its focus on creating new forms of matter, investigating the structure and dynamics of atomic and molecular systems, and developing new experimental tools and theoretical approaches to understand and control atomic and molecular behavior.   There are few areas of developing scientific knowledge and technology that do not rely heavily on chemistry; those that do include medicine, human health, biotechnology, materials science, biology, applied physics, microscopy, geology, and environmental science, among others.  We thus approach the problems in these fields from the mechanistic perspectives of making molecules, investigating molecules, and controlling molecules, through a wide range of programs and initiatives which fulfill our dual roles of excellence in research and teaching.  With deep expertise in synthetic organic chemistry, biological chemistry, computational chemistry, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, in our department, we attract talented students from around the nation.  Our distinguished faculty contains experienced, energetic and dedicated members. From another point of view, our department sits at an intellectual and physical location at the nexus between basic sciences, applied sciences/engineering, and medicine at SXC, which enables a variety of multidisciplinary projects and interactions. In the Chemistry Department at SXC, we seek to explore and to expand the frontiers of modern chemistry.

Academic Programs

  • Bsc
  • +2 (HSEB)
  • A level


  • Seminars
  • Student activities

Department Activities

The Department of Chemistry at St. Xavier’s College, Kathmandu runs the +2 program of the Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB), besides coordinating with the B.Sc program in Microbiology and A level program.

A subject seminar on “Chemistry Research and Teaching Methodologies” was held on May 21st, 2013 under the guidance of resource persons Prof. Dr. Rajaram Pradhananga and Asst. Prof. Dr. Bishsan Bhatt. The resource persons gave guidelines on teaching chemistry at the B. Sc. Level and strategies for effective teaching in chemistry. An enlightening session on Chemistry Research at the college level in the context of Nepal was the highlight of the seminar. Teachers from St. Xavier’s College, Maitighar, St. Xavier’s School, Jawalakhel and St. Mary’s School, Jawalakhel participated in the program.

Formation of the Chemistry Club: Club de Chemia

To conduct different academic programs on chemistry as a co-curricular activites a student club named Societe de Chemia has been formed. The club is moderated by the Department of Chemistry.

Regular department meetings are held to discuss:

  • the teaching methodology on different topics of Chemistry
  • Practical work, including conducting extra experiments, for both classes11 and 12.

Project assignments

  • Environmental Science (grade XI)
  • Nuclear Chemistry (grade XI)
  • Role of metals in the industrial development of Nepal (grade XI)
  • Bio-molecules (molecules of life) (grade XII)
  • Chemistry in the service of mankind - related to drugs and dyes (Grade XII)
  • Atomic structure (grade XI)

Use of power point, multimedia and documentaries as resource materials.

Preparation of different structural models of chemical compounds.

The following books were published by members of the Department of Chemistry:

  • Surya advanced Chemistry for Grade XI and XII by Ram Darash Pandey.
  • Principles of Chemistry for Grade XI and XII by Chiranjibi Ghimire.
  • Calcualtions in chemsitry for XI and XII Ram Darash Pandey et.al.
  • Experiments in chemistry for XI and XII by Department of Chemistry, SXC,Maitighar.
  • United chemistry for Grade XII Ram Lochan Aryal
  • Modern Approach to chemistry for Grade XI and XII by Dr. Bishan Datt Bhatt.

Extra-curricular Activities
Faculty members of Department of Chemistry were involved in different clubs of the college as moderators.

  • Ms Karuna Shrestha – Social Service Club
  • Ms Sunanda Shrestha – Science and Technology Club
  • Mr Ram Darash Pandey –Club De Chemia
  • Mr Saroj Kumar Yadav – Science and Technology Club
  • Ms Januka Duwadi –Art and culture Club

Future Plans

  • In the new academic year we plan to help earthquake victims by distributing clothes, stationary and books through the social club of the college. We will seek participation of the students in this effort as part of their co-curricular activities. This will help strengthen the cause of solidarity that the college is trying to promote the coming year.
  • Research-oriented project activities
College Opening Time:

09:30 - 04:30
09:30 - 04:30
09:30 - 04:30
09:30 - 04:30
09:30 - 04:30
09:30 - 12:40

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